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The Top 10 Ways to
Save Yourself From Back Pain

The Dr. Johns Difference

Dr. Johns prides herself in being able to provide her patients with a gateway to a healthier, happier life through her chiropractic and massage treatments. Dr. Johns strives to provide the King of Prussia community with superior services that will improve the lives of people within the community and help them establish a lifestyle that will enable them to achieve healthiness and happiness. 

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Not Your Average Chiropractor

Here at Johns Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Dr. Johns and her team strive to provide the best chiropractic services in a welcoming environment. So when you visit our office, you will enjoy the following: 

  • Our “No Wait Policy” —because we believe all patients should be seen immediately
  • A friendly and helpful staff
  • A professional, yet pleasant, office
  • Large, private treatment rooms—because we want you to feel comfortable, not cramped
  • Location is everything—that’s why we chose this convenient location
  • We’ll happily give secondary evaluations/opinions
  • Our staff is always happy to provide M.D. and attorney referrals
  • We accept most insurance plans
  • We’ll take care of most of the paperwork
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